RM155.48 for SteelSeries DEX Gaming MousePad (worth RM169.00)

RM 169.00

RM 169.00

RM155.48 for SteelSeries DEX Gaming MousePad (worth RM169.00)

The DeX Gaming Mousepad is the next evolution in high-end surfaces. Engineered for maximum glide and long-lasting durability, its performance is unmatched.

Product Specifications:

  • Width: 320mm / 12.6in
  • Length: 270mm / 10.8in
  • Height: 2mm / 0.08in
  • Weight: 212g / 7.48oz

Unmatched Performance

The DeX mousepad is the new standard of excellence in high-performance mousepads. It's the culmination of more than a decade of inspired research, rigorous testing and cutting-edge technology. It delivers unmatched performance, making it the ultimate mousepad for competitive gamers. DeX will be the last mousepad you will ever need.


Long-Lasting Durability

 During its development, DeX was put through endless trials. We ran wash, resiliency, and abrasion tests to ensure it maintained its incredible feel even after long-term use. Pro gamers were also involved in the durability testing. Their feedback has been universal – DeX was built to last.


The DeX was designed with one goal in mind– to create a surface with the lowest possible friction on the market, prioritizing the speed and accuracy of your mouse movements. The speed-optimized 3D surface of the DeX features a tooled pattern that maintains a smooth and consistent glide in every direction. Your mouse movements will feel effortless.




If you take a close look at the DeX, you'll notice that this isnt your regular, everyday mousepad. What you’ll notice is that most of the material actually sits below the surface edge, a special textured pattern of raised hexagonal ridges reduces the contact points between the mouse and the pad. Less contact means less friction. These incredibly small ridges minimize friction while maintaining the precise tracking of a high-end surface.



We create products for gamers by gathering valuable input and rigorous testing data from competitive players. With their input, the comfortable, low friction polymer surface was chosen and tested to be the perfect choice.


Cleaning your DeX mousepad is a breeze. The pad is water resistant so you can wipe it down using water without consequence. After it gets wet just dry off the moisture and get back to the gaming.


Mousepads shifting around on your desk can be a real hassle when the gaming gets frantic. The DeX solves this problem with a heavy silicone base. You mouse will move freely, while your mousepad stays anchored.


The cloth surface and silicone base of the SteelSeries DeX come together in a perfectly covered edge. The two parts are heat sealed which means the edges won’t wear down or fray further adding to the pad’s overall durability.



  • Designed by the greatest pro players in the world
  • Engineered for maximum glide and long-lasting durability
  • Built to withstand the demands of the modern gamer

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